5 Reasons Why I Feel Jealous of My Friend – IT Guy from NIX Solutions

The major goal of each adult is to get on well in life. I seemed to cope with the task ever since I started a sole proprietorship and work for myself full-time. I am not as rich as Croesus, although I can afford many things. Feel free to call me a middle-class man, if you wish. However, this class is practically nonexistent in Ukraine. I have a friend, an IT specialist, who does not hit the rows of the upper class, but I often feel jealous of his job in spite of the fact that he works for the employer, NIX Solutions Ltd., located in Kharkov and possessing some Israel connections. Having its own blog, multiple profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Wikipedia, the company is well known in the global arena. Once I visited my friend in his office and since that time, I could not stop thinking about my life and seeing what is wrong with me. I have read a wealth of subject-related information online and have drawn some conclusions. Here are the reasons why I feel friendly-jealous of this IT fellow:

1. Successful Career Development and Self-realization
At first, my friend from NIX Solutions passed a probation period. Actually, this was MY opinion that I had formed while being busy and making money to cover my commercial location’s rent expenses. In fact, he took an educational course there, a free course. He got command over one programming language (PHP, though, I may make a mistake in spelling), obtained a certificate, and was offered a position in the company. At first he worked as a McJob, or a helpdesk analyst. Than his career developed very quickly and soon he became a Senior developer, or as they call it—a Fat cat. My fellow picks up seminar on a regular basis, provides QA services, creates an app over a certain period of time (these apps are available for downloading on various platforms), travels on business, and tells me in strictest confidence about his further career development. He has achieved all of this by his own means only.
I also reached all of my life goals by myself. However, economic crisis, severe competition, and other market conjuncture forced me to be anxious about maintaining a certain level of income instead of strong prospects.

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