5 Reasons Why I Feel Jealous of My Friend – IT Guy from NIX Solutions

The major goal of each adult is to get on well in life. I seemed to cope with the task ever since I started a sole proprietorship and work for myself full-time. I am not as rich as Croesus, although I can afford many things. Feel free to call me a middle-class man, if you wish. However, this class is practically nonexistent in Ukraine. I have a friend, an IT specialist, who does not hit the rows of the upper class, but I often feel jealous of his job in spite of the fact that he works for the employer, NIX Solutions Ltd., located in Kharkov and possessing some Israel connections. Having its own blog, multiple profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Wikipedia, the company is well known in the global arena. Once I visited my friend in his office and since that time, I could not stop thinking about my life and seeing what is wrong with me. I have read a wealth of subject-related information online and have drawn some conclusions. Here are the reasons why I feel friendly-jealous of this IT fellow:

1. Successful Career Development and Self-realization
At first, my friend from NIX Solutions passed a probation period. Actually, this was MY opinion that I had formed while being busy and making money to cover my commercial location’s rent expenses. In fact, he took an educational course there, a free course. He got command over one programming language (PHP, though, I may make a mistake in spelling), obtained a certificate, and was offered a position in the company. At first he worked as a McJob, or a helpdesk analyst. Than his career developed very quickly and soon he became a Senior developer, or as they call it—a Fat cat. My fellow picks up seminar on a regular basis, provides QA services, creates an app over a certain period of time (these apps are available for downloading on various platforms), travels on business, and tells me in strictest confidence about his further career development. He has achieved all of this by his own means only.
I also reached all of my life goals by myself. However, economic crisis, severe competition, and other market conjuncture forced me to be anxious about maintaining a certain level of income instead of strong prospects.

2. High Salary, Pleasant Office Environment, Clear-Cut Regulation
My friend works a 40-hour workweek. Overtime work is possible only per his will and is awarded by a salary increase. He always has a possibility to plan either a working day or a week. That is why he always keeps tight to his promises. He has 4–5 close friends among NIX Solutions’ staff. Once he acquainted me with these nice guys and now we occasionally have a good time together. Besides, he has about 10 colleagues that sometimes easily join us at the countryside BBQ. In general, his office environment is rather pleasant and suggests spending either leisure or work time with colleagues. No need to speak about money. Ukrainian IT specialists refer to that professional category as something that would not come cheap and is able to raise capital in a year (by the way, he has worked for the company for six years).
My working day is not scheduled. Sometimes I start at 11 a.m. and finish at 16 p.m. However, I also have a “shift” beginning at 7 a.m. and continuing until 10 p.m. still. My salary fully depends on my productivity and the number of units sold, so I have little time to think about my office environment. My “cry babies,” I mean clients, partners, and customers are not always nice. You know, a rich man’s joke is always funny!

3. Labor Conditions
This was the first thing I examined and was pleasantly surprised. We certainly can’t compare my friend’s office with the Google office which I saw on TV, but NIX Solutions provides its employees such labor conditions that make their head spin and legs moving to the office. No room, corridor will be just enough to live in! The company’s customers often leave reviews on Upwork and Google where they admire the office furniture and surroundings. I have not seen anything else being as comfortable as this office: a fan-café, a lounge room, a mini-museum, nice premise remodeling, up-to-date office machines, and a coziness making you feel at home. My first visit gave me a clue to the well-known phrase “mix business with pleasure.” The employees just have no reason for complaint.
My store, located 50 meters away with all consideration of private feeling, consisting of a small TV set and an old sofa, does not even come close to this office. By the way, my sofa can hardly “decide” whether to move to the ranch, to the store, or to the town dump.

4. Medical Insurance
Paid by NIX Solutions, the medical insurance is another significant aspect of my friend’s job. Once I shared with him my experience of obtaining a public health certificate for attending a swimming pool, and he said that he recently had checked his medical status just to make sure that everything is all right. He visited a corporate doctor and got access to a complex health screening. The screening was free and conducted using the modern medical equipment. As you may guess, he may also have residuals. Nevertheless, he does not use it because his office is comfortable enough and the environment is pleasant. Besides, he uses his medical insurance for preventing illnesses on a regular basis. Unfortunately, I have forgotten to ask him whether he may have his teeth attended to.

5. Corporate events: Sports, Performances, and Other
I have not enumerated all of the reasons for my jealousy yet. NIX Solutions organizes a broad array of corporate events for its employees in spare time. Personnel may get vacation twice a year (a paid vacation!). My friend uses this chance and goes on international trips for a week or more each year. No need to mention amazing weekends spent at countryside! He plays basketball with his colleagues. Earlier, he tried to play for the company’s amateur football team, but later on, he made a choice in favor of basketball, which suits him best. Other employees attend tennis, swimming, and paintball sections. The NIX Solutions’ staff used to celebrate holidays together. These events do not look like shrimp fest with eat-drink-sing-karaoke scenario, but have interesting performances.
I do not want to close down my business. On the whole, I am satisfied with things. However, I started thinking about my IT friend’s ideal career more and more. As soon as I give up, I will join the army of Ukrainian IT sphere for sure!

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